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Why New York Is a Great Choice for Starting or Relocating Your Business

Starting or relocating your business if a big endeavor. If you’ve wanted to live and work in New York, but have hesitated due to cost concerns, don’t fret! With a strong track record of successful local companies and a wealth of opportunities to grow and connect with other businesses around NYC, Queens is an excellent choice for starting or relocating a business.


The following guide will introduce you to the area and everything the area has to offer business owners.


Queens’ cost of living is, in many respects, well under the American national average. Housing and utilities, health care, and groceries are all affordable, as are apartment rentals. Home buyers can use financial assistance, including mortgage credit certificates, VA loans, homeownership vouchers, and energy-efficient mortgages. Moreover, New York City has some of the country’s best apartment renter protection in the country.

It’s an attractive environment for building an economical workforce, and it has the needed resources for start-ups.


Queens also sports a diverse and vibrant populace with a supportive entrepreneurial community. The city hosts a developed industrial park and is specifically oriented toward providing an attractive environment for business owners to pursue their most inspiring and challenging projects. Local organizations that serve entrepreneurs include:

SCORE Mentors Queens

New York Small Business Development Center

NYC Small Business Solutions Queens Center

Quality of Life

One of the strongest commercial assets a city can have is a vibrant cultural environment, one that provides a high quality of life that attracts the best and brightest possible workforce. Featuring multi-use auditoriums and halls, an active and ambitious arts commission, and a broad selection of parks and recreation facilities, Queens offers a stimulating cultural setting that your workforce will enjoy, including:

Queens Historical Society

New York Hall of Science

Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Starting or Relocating Your Business

Family Activities

Dozens of options for amusement centers and parks, museums, zoos, aquariums, and scavenger hunts are accessible within driving distance of Queens. This makes for a family-friendly environment ideal for workers raising children. 


Queens sports an excellent student-to-teacher ratio and high standards of education from the pre-K through post-secondary levels, with many private schools operating in or near the city. There are more than half a dozen institutions of higher education within driving distance, making it an excellent community to recruit an educated workforce with the right expertise. Nearby colleges and universities include:

Queens College, City University of New York

Queensborough Community College

York College (CUNY)

Business Quick-Start Checklist

How to register a business in New York? There are several basic steps toward starting a business. First, conceptualize the business and build a business plan. From there, decide on the business structure: A limited liability company (LLC) is a popular choice because it protects you from personal liability for the business’s debts, offers special tax benefits, and cuts down on paperwork.

Further steps include obtaining an EIN number, registering for state taxes, applying for business licenses and permits, opening a business bank account, setting up an accounting system, getting insurance, and hiring staff.

Business Options

There are plenty of challenges to face when building a company. Fortunately, New York provides a supportive business community and a family-friendly, budget-friendly, and culturally inviting option for relocating or starting your business. 

Remember that launching a business is a high undertaking, and sustaining it profitably even more so. You need to Get Stuff Done, and then make sure you do the proper business setup, for example, business email, website, social media, and integrated productivity tools You may want to strongly consider outsourcing tasks that fall outside your core business focus. There are a few prime areas to consider:


Business and E-Commerce Site Development, and Tech Integrations

Accounting & Billing Software

IT Infrastructure

Business Applications

As always, if you need assistance schedule a free consultation.

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