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Who We Are

Experience & Passion

Inicia Incorporated is a U.S. holding company of subsidiaries that excel in the areas of media, technology, entertainment, and IoT.

We have an experienced team of entrepreneurs, designers, marketers, and technology specialists that can provide services to empower your brand! though website design, branding, marketing and more. 

Our automated platforms help our clients to be more productive, affording them the options of managing their own needs, or having us do it for them. These include domain registration & management,  hosting,  a synced directory listing dashboard, and more. 

Inicia Incorporated separately publishes many of its own properties online, including magazines, resource centers, and eCommerce stores, which gives us first-hand insight into the challenges that our clients may face. 

Our services

Across our many brands, we provide a wide range of services and online tools, including, but not limited to …


Your logo, marketing materials, social media pages, and website are your digital identity. Make a statement! Recognizable and memorable.

UI / UX Design

LDesigning a ‘pretty’ website or mobile app is only beneficial if that website / mobile app has the proper user functiuonality.

Web development

Custom designd websites: ersonalities, small businesses, enterprise, eCommerce, magazines, and more. Or, ask us about build-it-yourself tools.


Full service, from concept, through storyboard, voiceovers, and annimated, live video, or moving graphics, we produce promotions, stories, and/or promotions. .

Digital strategy

From optimizing your website and social pages, to developing and mangaging advertising & PPC, to visibility via SEO, and/or promotions.


70% of search occurs on mobile, and 50% of ppl buy within 24s of that search. So, if you could put your business info and communication directly in the hands of consumers, why wouldn’t you?

We help your business look great
Our client base extends across many industry sectors. We’ve worked for news personalities, corporations large and small, government agencies, restaurants, and local service providers. You can see some of our branding and website development work in the Incognito Worldwide portfolio. For examples of investor decks, KPI charts, custom software platforms, and apps, contact us for a demo
Executive Team

We manage several operations on different continents. We work hard. We play hard. We get results.

Bruce T. Dugan 


An experienced entrepreneur who brings to the company vision, strategy, and a wide variety of skill sets. 

Mario Delfino

CTO / Co-Founder

A seasoned tech professional with experience coding in all software languages. Always ahead of the curve.  

Jim Stearrett


With experience with Deloitte, Ernst & Young, he serviced many publicly-held companies in his career.

What we’re working on now.
Our large-scale development in 2020 was DineVite for the restaurant industry, gearing up to launch in 2022 post-pandemic, as well as the platform behind AFX,  focused on the logistics industry, as we develop the most sophisticated transportation management platform in the market, and a separate cloud platform to manage the logistics supply chain for GMP Mfg through delivery. 


Some of our work previously included the launch of, the rebuild of the Living Sage Plastic Surgery resource center, and the January release of the I2MCMS platform. Our First Drum Films subsidiary completed the principal photography for the documentary Ride Of Your Life.  
Projects done
we helped earn our clients
BBQ Parties
Awesome clients

Every client has a unique story and set of goals. Our job is to listen, interpret, and then convert those stories into practical realities. What are your goals?

a2z Restaurant consulting
Eddie Fahmy
A2z Restaurant Consulting

Incognito Worldwide does a great job for us, building and managing the website, creating content, managing our social media, doing promotion and generating clients — — and those of our clients to great reviews –, making us look good. View website

Jamie Werz
Guidance Group

We could not be happier with your online marketing. You’ve cut down our spend, increased our ROI, and optimized our website in a very small amount of time! I am so pleased that I recently recommended Incognito Worldwide to several friends!

Airlite windows
Mike Dentale
Airlite Wndows

Your team has dealt quickly and efficiently with every website change I ask for, and you’ve increased my search presence on Google under my most necessary keywords, Thank you. Very impressive work.
View website

Donna Hammontree
Donna Hammontree LCS

Bruce is evidence that good-hearted people exist! Exceeding my expectations, he and his team developed my logo and website. He then connected me with leaders in my industry when he didn’t have to do so. Great social networker! View website

Global 3PL
James W. Zimbler
Global 3PL

With Bruce’s extensive logistics background, Mario’s technology background, and their team of designers, engineers, and marketers, they were the perfect fit for our project plans. From our website, pitch decks, and G3PL Engine plaform, they’ve been on point. Excellent! They move mountains to get things done. View website 

Bart Rossi
Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D
Political Psychologist TV Personality

Incognito Worldwide built a functional website, handled graphics, and maintains all my online media content posts, social media, and promotion, timely.  Highly recommended, they’re responsive and professional. View website

Karen Desoto
Karen DeSoto, JD
Legal Anayst - NBC News

Incognito Worldwide made everything easy; they handled domain registrations, website developments, online content, and promotion. A big thanks for solving all the pain points of being online. View website Org Website 

Eddie Fahmy
A2z Restaurant Consulting

Intech Creative LLC. developed a terrific custom software tool that we use in our sales funnel. I’m very happy with what they delivered, and the ongoing ticket support they provide.

Jamie Werz

The Incia first Drum Films subsidiary did a cost-effective video for our autism promotion. They wrote, produced, and added voiceover with a quick turnaround. Very happy with their efforts.

Courage to change
Carmine Russo
Courage For Change

The Incia first Drum Films subsidiary in association with their Incognito Worldwide sub did a nice job on an Anger Mangement promotional video for us. It was cost-effective, quick, and professional. Highly recommend.

Red Ribbon Resources
Jamie Werz
Red Ribbon Resources

First Drum Films in association with Incognito Worldwide handled the entire video production for our promotional video. They did the research, wrote the storyboard, graphics, and voiceovers, quickly and cost-effectively. Very professional group.

Economic Ministry of Argentina
Economic Minister
Economic Ministry of Argentina
Department Head

Mario and his team met our expectations through focus, expertise, and vigilance. Very professional.


Donna Hammontree
Donna Hammontree
Donna M Hammontree, LCSW, LLC

They have gone over and above to earn my trust by being dependable, responsible, and effective.

Lashevet Restaurannt
Larisa Sheihet
Lashevet Restaurant NYC

The speed at which they address any arising issues is mind-blowing. They built our website, directory sync, and host our site, and guests love how easy it is to navigate through the website on mobile devices as well.

Sushi Dojo NYC
Boris Lidukhove
Sushi Dojo NYC

Incognito built our website and was engaged in SEO to get us on the home page of search way back in 2013, and has been my go technology and marketing provider since.

greensmart food service
Mario Scavuzzo
Greensmart Food Service

I expressed my vision and they produced a website with the perfect visuals, narrative (which they wrote), and functionality. Highly recommend!

Let’s make something together

Every client has a unique story to tell and goals to achieve. Our job is to listen, interpret, and then convert those stories and ideas into practical reality to achieve them. What’s your story, your goals? We’re here to help, and we’re listening. 

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    Inicia Incorporated is a Delaware corporation established by Bruce T. Dugan and Mario Delfino in 2005. It reversed into a public shell in 2008 and reversed out to become private again in 2010. Our goals are to seek out and engage with impacting projects and work with interesting, creative and committed people.

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    Phone : +1 (646) 233-4164
    Email : [email protected]