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trip advisor Bruce T. Dugan top 2%

Bruce T. Dugan in the Top 2% of Reviewers

Our CEO travels extensively, and being a former reporter-columnist writes reviews of all the places he visits that he considers of worth. Currently with over 50,000 readers he’s become one of the top 2% reviewers on TripAdvisor.


breaking the glass

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Breaking the Glass Ceiling is something entrepreneurs often pursue, and while it may be a noble cause, one must also ask should I jump the hoops to break the glass ceiling?


urban book promotion

Dion Cheese Book Hits Number 2

The Dion Cheese book hits number 2 on the Amazon paid book list. The success of this book campaign was a combination of search optimization, social media promotion, and paid advertising and feature promotions on — the magazine and … Read more


Childswork Banner

Jamie Werz, CEO

Inicia Incorporated setup blogs for our sites (Courage To Change, Childs Work, Red Ribbon Resources), and developed outstanding written content to educate and engage our readers. In addition, through their sister company Incognito Worldwide, they’ve also developed video content that … Read more


Karen Desoto Legal Analyst

Karen Desoto – On-Air Legal Analyst at NBC

Thank you Inicia for handling everything! You secured my domain name, setup and manage my hosting. Built my site, and manage all my video and written content, as well as all my social media pages. Whew! You’ve been a great … Read more


Dion Cheese, Author

Inicia Incorporated was a great resource for me. They built my site, made it cool, host it for me, and manage the back end so I have the time I need to write and promote my work.


Inicia Incorporated

Our Blog Library is Coming Soon

Our blog library is coming soon, and it will contain on-going articles about best practices for web design, blogging and marketing. But it will also include insights specific to authors and publishers, including business practices, time management and short-term and … Read more

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