Leadership Team

Our team has grown from two to over 20 people. The varied expertise of each member contributed to our agency being featured in many magazines, to honing our focus in many specialty areas. We are a U.S. corporation with subsidiaries in India and Argentina. We combine our collective strengths with a dedication to help our clients achieve their goals.  
Bruce sr
Bruce Dugan

A Creative entrepreneur who excels at strategic planning; development, logistics, marketing, and trend recognition, he brings to the Company a passion for media and technology, vision, and extensive business and entrepreneurial experience, including tenure as C.E.O. of several publicly-traded companies.

Mario Delfino
President & CTO

A technology professional for over 20 years, Mario has always been driven to be ahead of the technological curve. He lends his expertise to new product developments, as well as leading teams on client-driven projects. He works from the Buenos Aires office of i2 Media labs, the company he and Bruce established in 2005.

J stearrett
Jim Stearrett

A Certified Public Accountant with an  M.B.A. in finance, he spent years working at/with accounting giants Deloitte, and Ernst Young. Proficient with GAAP, he has serviced many public companies and industry leaders. He brings to the Company complex financial knowledge and hands-on business experience.

Juan V
Juan Vazquez

Juan is a well-organized and effective project manager. He oversees and coordinates ongoing projects companywide, to ensure that tasks are completed and milestones met. Moreover, he integrates and serves as the liaison between company heads ensuring support compliance.

Nihanth K
Nihanth Kandimalla
Web Services

Nihanth is naturally insightful to and passionate about everything application-related. He oversees our website development and technology integration teams/ projects, as well as serves as chief administrator of the company’s servers, hosting and domain registration platforms.

Kiran Kumar

Kiran plans and an oversees company-wide campaigns for all our clients. He is responsible and manages a team of digital marketing specialists for digital ads, social media, and SEO, and is a member of our executive events planning team, contributing to creatives and promotions implementation.

Tom Lavecchia
Thomas Lavecchia
Public Relations

A seasoned marketing professional, Tom is a member of the Forbes Agency Council, and is the author of several books, including The X Factor Selling System. He has appeared on Fox Business, Fresh Outlook, and been featured in the Wall Street Journal, CBS News, and ESPN radio, among others.

Ruben Gonzalez
Creative Director
Juliana Zapata
Communications Director