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Mario Delfino, CTO Of Inicia Named Top 5 In Buenos Aires

Mario Delfino, CTO Of Inicia Named Top 5 In Buenos Aires

Mario Delfino, CTO Of Inicia Incorporated and President/ CTO is its subsidiary I2MEDIALAB was named Top 5 CTOS In Buenos Aires by CTO Boardroom Media.

As a globally-recognized leader in the technology field, Mario’s commitment to innovation and excellence has been recognized by his peers and colleagues. Learn more about this inspiring story and how it can motivate you to reach for greatness!

Introduction to Inicia Incorprated

Inicia Inc. is a provider of innovative technology solutions, marketing, and other services through its varied brands, including I2MEDIALAB, Incognito Worldwide, I2WEBSERVICES, and A2Z Business Consulting. among other brands in media.

Mario is a founding partner of Inicia Incorporated along with CEO Bruce Dugan. They met in Buenos Aires in 2004, I2MEDIALAB was its first endeavor of which Mario has been at the helm since its formation, focused on custom software. SaaS product development, web development, e-commerce, software development, and cloud computing. The company also provides marketing services in Latin America.

He oversees a team of highly skilled and experienced technology professionals who are committed to helping their clients grow and succeed in their businesses, serving worldwide brands.

Mario Delfino, Named Top CTO In Buenos Aires

Mario Delfino has been a well-respected professional in Buenos Aires for decades. He is a career-long technologist who began coding in his teens. A highly-recognized alumnus of Media Campus and the University of Buenos, he had years later served as an adjunct professor of technology.

Mario talking about technology on Argentina TV

His experience in the IT industry has played a key role in the success of Inicia Incorporated. He has a deep understanding of the latest technology trends and is always looking for ways to improve the company’s products and services.

Under his leadership, Inicia Incorporated and I2MEDIALAB. have become trusted names in the Argentine IT industry. He spearheaded projects for the Ministry of Economics in Argentina, as the architect for some of their data retention systems. He also developed systems for the city of Buenos Aires (Federal Capital).

Mario Delfino is a strong advocate for the use of technology to drive economic growth and create jobs in Argentina, he also spearheaded marketing programs for many political candidates, combining technology to drive their messages. He is passionate about helping small businesses grow and passionate about his work, typically working long hours in pursuit of perfection.

It is that dedication that led to the company’s tagline in 2005. Bruce and Mario were working one day when Bruce commented “You look tired, have you been sleeping?” Mario sloughed it off:

It doesn’t matter if I sleep or not. Even when I’m sleeping I dream in code!

– Mario Delfino

Achievements of Mario Delfino

Mario Delfino was recently named one of the top 5 CTOs in Buenos Aires by the prestigious magazine “CTO Boardroom Media”. In a city known for its high proficiency and well-educated technology sector, this is a great accomplishment.

Mario Delfino has been with Inicia Inc. since its inception. He is responsible for the technical aspects of the company’s operations, including internal operations and new product development. His experience and knowledge have been instrumental in Inicia Inc.’s success.

Under Mario’s leadership, Inicia Inc. has achieved many milestones. Some of their recent accomplishments include:

• Being named one of the top 5 CTOs in Buenos Aires by “CTO Boardroom Media magazine”.

• Admitted into the worldwide Open AI program

• Appearing frequently on Argentina TV

• Initiated & developed the company’s relationship with the prestigious LIDE organization

• expanding their operations into new markets around the world, including India where the company maintains an office in India under the company brand Incognito Worldwide

Recognition from the Industry

As part of the leadership team at Inicia Incorporated, he is credited with steering the company and its subsidiaries which have gained many accolades. This recognition is a testament to Mario’s dedication to his work ethic and his commitment to excellence. He led the technology team of Dinevite which gained its CEO, Eddie Fahmy, being named Entrepreneur of the Year.

Mario, Bruce, and Eddie also serve as partners in A2Z Business Consulting.

As the CTO of Inicia Inc., Mario is responsible for the company’s technology strategy and execution. He has played a key role in developing Inicia and I2MEDIALAB’s innovative platforms, which have helped the brands become leading providers of online marketing services in the United States and Latin America.

Under Mario’s leadership, I2MEDIALAB has won numerous awards for its technology and innovation, including the prestigious Google Innovation Award.

This latest recognition is a well-deserved honor for Mario Delfino and confirms his status as one of the most respected executives in Argentina’s tech industry.

Google Innovation Award

Products Mario Has Spearheaded

I2MCMS – a robust CMS system that supports many industries, including transportation, events, construction, magazines, healthcare providers, and the government of Argentina to name a few.

Technology systems,s for the government of Argentina for restaurant owners and consumers

Eventigram – the just-in-time event-sharing platform

American Freight Xchange – a scalable digital information  and action pipeline 


Mario Delfino has shown his commitment to the tech industry by being named one of the top five CTOs in Buenos Aires. His work at Inicia Inc. has proven that he is a leader with forward-thinking ideas and innovative solutions. As more companies look for ways to streamline their operations, Mario’s background in technology and business will be invaluable assets that can help guide businesses toward success. Congratulations to Mario on this impressive accomplishment!

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