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Promotions and call to actions are a great way to increase conversions from new prospects and existing customers. When done the right way, promotions and call to actions can deliver numerous short and long-term benefits, while generating consumer buzz for your business. Below is a look at how promotions and call to actions can work for your organization.


Promotions may seem odd to some business people. This is because they typically involve spending money, time and effort. However, the benefits of promotions can make this investment in capital and time all the more worthwhile. In fact, studies have shown that investment in advertising specialties such as promotional products is more modest, more targeted and more achievable  than other forms of advertising.

The main goal for every business, big or small, is brand recognition. Companies are constantly on the lookout for newer and more effective ways of making their brand not only stand out from the crowd, but also remain memorable and identifiable in the minds of their existing and prospective customers. Using promotional products as a marketing tactic creates brand awareness and gives a good impression of your company.

Promotions also allow your business to enjoy mass outreach at a low cost. Promotional products are advantageous because they carry a small price tag, yet create a large and lasting impact — thereby offering great value for your investment. These simple giveaways provide businesses with a great way of increasing customer loyalty.

Call to Actions

Calls to Actions (CTA) are a great way of helping visitors locate your conversion pages. When you place CTAs throughout your website, you will be able to capture the attention of people visiting your site and provide a “next step” for those interested to increase conversion rates. Internet users today have become accustomed to seeing ads on websites. Therefore, for your site, don’t just settle for the traditional static CTA images that stay in one place. Instead, try out a CTA that slides in when the visitor reaches a certain point on your webpage.

When designing your Call to Action, do not be afraid to go a little off-brand with the existing color scheme on your website. Choose a CTA button that does not blend in too much with the rest of your page. Use bold colors that will get people’s attention.

Decide between text CTA and image CTA in finding the right call to action for your site. Keep in mind that a call to action image will generally offer a clearer separation between the content of your post and the content of the CTA, as it looks as if it is its own image.

Traditionally, many sites place their CTAs at the very bottom of each post. However, it should be noted that readers do not always go to the end of the article they are reading. In fact, the majority of readers will only get through 60% of an article. Call to actions should be positioned above the fold, near the top of the page such that visitors do not have to scroll down to see them.

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