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Organic search refers to the result listing produced from a web surfer using a search engine (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing) to find something specific. For example, someone may be looking for “top Sushi bar NYC” or “Best interior designer Miami.”

To improve visibility online and have your website be among the listings shown for certain search terms, requires Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your how to gain website visibility website.

In the early years of the Internet this meant nothing more than strategically placing a few key words on your site, along with the proper “meta description.” Kiran Kumar, online marketing manger of Incognito Worldwide, noted that “Today, however, SEO has become a very competitive space in which tens of thousands of websites compete to elbow their way to the top of search results. So you need to have an effective strategy that quite often crosses into social media optimization and a cohesive marketing strategy. It’snot enough to research your market, you have to also research your target audience and determine how to speak to them, specifically.”

Despite what any SEO service tells you, a true SEO strategy is a long-term endeavor. Depending on the type of website you have, the type of business product or service you provide, and the methods applied (to achieve your results) some websites may rise to the top of rankings faster than others. But getting there is only half the battle: staying there is an on-going effort — because your SEO team is constantly battling with tens of thousands of your competitors for website search visibility position.

Therefore, the smart small business owner understands that SEO should be included into their monthly operating budget, not as a one time expense, but a long-term recurring cost of business marketing commitment.

Improve Visibility

On Page SEO Factor; Consumer Keywords

An SEO strategy begins with the research to discover:

  • who your competitors are
  • what SEO strategies your competitors employ
  • the keywords your competitors are fighting for
  • the keywords your potential client will be searching with, and the frequency by which those key phrases are used on the Net
  • the structure of your website
  • the existing and future content that resides on your website (are you or will you write blog posts?) ,

Standard SEO tactics

Once the basic research is completed, there are a series of standard practices used to ensure that your website gets SEO traction. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Conducting a website audit and correction (a full analysis of the titles, tags, meta, and content).
  • Keywords research.
  • Competition analysis and initial research report.
  • Setup of Google analytics/ webmaster tools.
  • Setup of Bing/ Yahoo webmaster tools.
  • Site Map creation/update and submission.
  • Robots.txt inclusion.
  • W3C validation for home page.
  • Content optimization to tie in keywords and phrases within the body of the website text and and images.
  • Website structure optimization (for example, a flash intro page may prevent search robots from crawling your pages.).
  • New content, link and back-links optimization.
  • Generating website health report (monthly): analytics, competitors, site audit, social.

These are just some of the early setup actions in your SEO strategy. Once your site has been configured, then the promotion aspect of Offsite Optimization begins.

Onsite optimization, as the phrase implies, is activities to promote your website in other places on the Net. These action can include, but are not limited to:

  • Manual link submission to top search engines.
  • Setup of Google local page (integrated with site, G+ page and maps).
  • Setup of Bing local listing.
  • Local classified postings.
  • Manual submissions to directories.
  • RSS Feed integration (paid).
  • RSS Feed submissions – non paid.
  • Blog submissions to third party destinations and linked back to your site.

Link building has been for years the cornerstone of most effective SEO strategies. However, it requires hiring experts in the field that are up the minute on changing SEO algorithms and paradigm shifts. The search engines periodically change their search engine algorithms, and if your SEO strategy doesn’t adjust and adapt to them, link -building and other actions can actually lower your rankings, not increase them.

With the sophistication of today’s Internet, the way in which your strategy is deployed can have a positive or negative impact not only on your website ranking, but also Citation Flow, Trust, and Authority ratings in relation to your competition.

If you don’t have authoritative links coming back to your business site, your chances of ranking on the first page of Google are very slim. Think of links as a vote for your site. Without such votes, you will not rank favorably. But not just any link will work. “Poor quality links will do your site more harm than good and causing low Google rankings for your business keywords” Mr. Kumar said.

For future visibility, place emphasis on quality, relevant and authoritative back links to your site.

Social Media Presence & User Activity

Are you effectively harnessing the power of your social media accounts in driving your SEO strategy? Google is already changing the way it ranks sites in its search engines and shifting its focus to “social signals”. The rationale behind Google’s move is that sites that are being mentioned on social media with shares, tweets, likes and other activities have value to readers, and thus is giving worth preference to these sites in the search engine listings. Therefore, branded social media pages have become more of a business necessity than a vanity.

Google, the search engine leader, has also began to return searches based on the recommendations of your social media connections. It is therefore important for businesses to incorporate their social media strategies into their SEO strategies to create and share compelling content that is likely to be re-shared and Liked.

A strong visibility on search engines is vital for businesses large and small. Because competition on search engine rankings is more competitive in some niches than in others, you have a high chance of attaining the top 3 Google positions for your site in a relatively short time if you have the right strategy and implementation.

After all, what good is a great product or service is no one knows about it?

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