Dion Cheese Book Hits Number 2

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The Dion Cheese book hits number 2 on the Amazon paid book list. The success of this book campaign was a combination of search optimization, social media promotion, and paid advertising and feature promotions on iUrban.org — the magazine and social community geared for books in general, and urban books, music and music in particular.

We congratulate Dion on this terrific achievement on his — his third book release, ‘Caught Slippn‘ —  that puts him to the upper tier of urban authors. For us at Inicia Incorporated and Incognito Worldwide (our sister company) it is a pleasure to be working with an author that not only understands and participates in the hard work, but also the persistence required to reach such heights.

Dion Cheese Caught Slippin

Dion Cheese is an African American author who is one of the wonderful success stories.

He is someone who made an error in his youth that landed him in federal prison for 15 years, but never gave up on his dreams.

While incarcerated he penned his first novel “Who Am I; The Chronicles of Cain,” which has also sold well. His never say die attitude and self-belief has propelled his life into a positive direction that is paying off and inspiring others.

Through the combined efforts he can boast a following of over 5,000 followers on social media through his Facebook, Google Plus and Linkedin profiles.

And he now has has launched iUrban.org, a site for authors and readers of urban fiction, with an urban clothing and accessories store as well. He says he plans to add a platform to sell books too – “as an author I know the frustration other authors feel dealing the inequitable solution on Amazon” he tells us.


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