Public Relations

Public Relations includes developing a client’s news-worthy story lines, building a short and long-term strategy, and maintaining relationships with the press for the benefit of the client.

we can build your press kit and engage blogs, newspapers, and magazines to review your books; clients, history, vision,
mission statements, case studies, company-staff news and successes.

Our Process

  • Research. Before a plan is devised, we need to fully understand your product, your competitors, and other relevant factors so as to establish the ultimate Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics to be deployed. Some of the research would consist of:
    • Competitors
      • Competitors selling proposition compared to yours
      • Your uniqueness
      • Story angles; short-term and long-term
      • Industry specific stats
    • Media (Identify and build a database  of top blogs and media outlets relative to you)
  • Content (mapping stages)
    • Building a strong mailing list of relevant contacts
    • Newsletter development and syndication
    • Press Releases
    • Product reviews
    • Surveys — entry, exit and off site
    • White paper, infographics, webinar, case studies
  • Content distribution and promotion
    • blogs
    • newswires
    • online PR outlets
    • publications (newspapers and magazines, online and offline)
  • Planning
    • develop the info cycle; what, how and when to implement the above
    • syndication mapping and scheduling
    • Identify opportunities for you at workshops, seminars, other events, to be speaker and/or panel member.
    • Identify publication opportunities and develop stories for you and/or your staff to be interviewed about.
    • Identify publication opportunities for product reviews of you/ your company, and exposure of special announcements
  • Implementation (a six month program)
    • Oversee progress
    • Provide regular reports and analytics
    • Identify monthly goals and objectives are being met
    • Evaluate and adjust strategy

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