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We believe in content! Inicia Incorporated is a New York corporation and it’s team is comprised of writers, authors and publishers in their own right. We’re focused on delivering a wide array of services to facilitate the online success of authors, online magazines, and social networks.

Our team is led by an eclectic knowledge base of entrepreneurs who have individually founded, operated and grown start up companies, served as CEO of publicly-traded companies, managed both online and offline publications, and collectively all been active and successful in online and offline marketing and promotions.

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Bruce T. Dugan

A career entrepreneur, he oversees business development, and combines vision, linear process, and abstract thought to get results for clients. Also runs inwwc.com

Vinil Ramdev

Managing Editor
The marketer, publishing and blogging consultant, and magazine editor, Vinil is hands on to help manage your content and staff.

Dion Cheese

Dion is an American author que brings a whole lot of energy to Promoting your book through social media, and his iUrban.me community.

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