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Inicia Incorporated is a New York corporation (2011) focused on content, the development thereof, and services to facilitate the online success of authors, online magazines, and social networks.

It was originally formed in 2005 by tri-company CEO Bruce T. Dugan and merged with Okie Dokie Design to develop a proprietary CMS platform to manage publishing, a social community, and a resource center collectively in a seamless environment.

Mr. Dugan and Mr. Delfino (Okie Dokie) served as CEO and CTO respectively, operating the publishing management operaations under the brand Inicia Incorporated, and the technology development under the i2medialab.com. After the company reversed merged with a publically-traded company in 2008, new management took over in 2010 and Mr. Dugan and Delfino left the company and buying the initial operations and technology back from the public company, and relaunching it as a private New York corporation in 2011.

Today Inicia Incorporated and i2 Media Lab are part of a matrix of companies where Mr. Dugan serves as CEO and Mr. Delfino as CTO. These include Intech Creative LLC,. a digital products company; Incognito Worldwide, a digital agency service comapany, i2 Media Lab continues to provide technology services to clients in South America and Spain.

In 2013 Vinil Ramdev jand Dion Cheese joined the online publishing management team, serving as managing editor social community manager , respectively.

Mr. Dugan remains company president/CEO while overseeing the Entertainment Group development division; which packages early-stage entertainment projects to facilitate funding, distribution, and talent acquisitions, among other things.

We assist authors from design through marketing, and provide online publishing companies with back room services that include writer and content management, media buying, and technological website support. And you can also book time with us for consulting services from business start up to anything across our services matrix.

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Inicia Incorporated is an online publisher of several niche-specific magazines, social networks and resource centers, including iUrban.org, CEOHangoutMiss perfect Woman, Zaang.org, TGlife,  and the forthcoming Expat360.org, TeenpopStar.com, and others.


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